Editor: Dr. (Mrs.) S. Khyriemmujat

Email id: editorechoes@shillongcollege.ac.in


“Echoes from the Hills” is an interdisciplinary peer reviewed, annual academic journal. The term “interdisciplinary” connotes improved communication across disciplines that foster mutual understanding. This, in turn, advances our understanding of the deeply complex issues that underpin contemporary society. Acknowledging the need for diversity and integrity in speaking to these issues, Echoes from the Hills publishes manuscripts from a wide range of disciplines and encourages approaches to topics that use multiple and mutually supporting forms of analysis. The journal is committed to showcasing and publishing innovative scholarly writing from established and emerging academicians and professionals around the world with a hope to promote dialogue, reflection, inquiry, discussion, solutions and action. The Annual academic journal which is Interdisciplinary in nature will focus on a theme to allow a holistic representation of works from different aspects.







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